Turf Grass – The Benefits

The sight of a well-maintained lawn brings with it feelings of recovery, well-being and the sense of a higher quality of life. And, just as our mental attitudes improve in its presence, so does the value of a property planted with turf grass, trees and shrubs. In fact, a lush, healthy lawn can increase the value of a property anywhere from 5 to 15 percent.

Some of the more functional benefits of a turf grass lawn are the prevention of erosion by wind and rain and the reduction of glare, dust and heat. Your children will enjoy the playground that a grassy lawn provides, and you will appreciate the fact that injuries occur far less often on grass than on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Aesthetically, turf grass acts as the garden’s carpet, tying together and accentuating the trees and shrubs that form the structure of your landscape. If you are willing to make the necessary investments, you can develop your own little patch of ground into the beautiful, green lawn that is the stuff of most homeowners’ dreams.