Quarterly Gardening Calendar

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January 2016 Gardening Calendar

• If the ground isn’t frozen, now is a good time for transplanting small deciduous trees and shrubs.
• Do general mower maintenance so it’s ready for spring.
• Prune any limbs from trees while you can see their structure.
• Prune pampas and other ornamental grasses if you haven’t already.
• Remember to water winter annuals so they don’t dry out.
• Prune fruit trees (except peach trees).

February 2016 Gardening Calendar

• Prune back butterfly bushes and large hollies for spring flush.
• Mow down (on the highest setting) your liriope (monkey grass) borders. This will give you fresh foliage in the spring.
• Freshen up mulch that may have washed away during rain or snow melt.

March 2016 Gardening Calendar

• You can spread lime on your lawn if needed.
• Prune boxwoods gently, preferably by hand.
• Prune your bush roses back by half.
• Divide hosta clumps.
• Pick up camellia blooms to avoid disease.
• Sharpen your mower blades and get ready for mowing season!

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