Product Highlight: Green Living Fences

Buck Jones Nursery is the exclusive Atlanta wholesale distributor for an exciting new product called the Green Living Fence. These screens of ivy are perfect for tight spaces or where a screen or espalier screen is typically needed.

Green Living Fence jacuzzi

Think about locations like around hot tubs, under decks, to make a private sitting area on a patio, or even privacy for parking lots. They’re perfect for townhomes and even apartment patios.

Green Living Fence 4

The Green Living Fence comes on a sturdy metal rack, completely covered with dark green English Ivy ‘Woerner’ (for exterior use) or Spanish Canary Ivy (for interior use). They are planted in a coco-coir trough and can be planted directly in the ground or placed in a container. Most units are 4’x4′ but some are larger, up to 6′ tall.

Green Living Fence 6

These lovely fencing options are available at our Grayson and Woodstock stores. Please call for pricing and availability.


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