It’s Pre-Emergent Time!

Weed prevention is one of the keys to having a vigorous, lush lawn. Nobody wants crabgrass and other pesky weeds invading their beautiful blades of grass. This is why pre-emergent use in the late winter/early spring is so important.

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent the germination of weed seeds, preventing them from ever seeing the light of day. When applied in the spring and fall, they are very effective in keeping crabgrass and other annual weeds at bay.

The suggested time period for applying the herbicide is between February 15 and March 15, with around March 1 being ideal for Georgia. Soil temperatures above 50º encourage germination and that milestone temperature typically occurs between those dates in our service areas.

Some of the pre-emergent herbicides we keep in stock at our Grayson location are:

0-0-7 w/ 0.22 Barricade (2-3 mo)

5-5-25 w/ 0.375 Barricade(4-5 mo)

20-0-10 w/ 0.375 Barricade (4-5 mo)

Surflan Liquid

XL 2G 50 lb granular (Ornamental or Turf)

Contact our Grayson Location Landscape Supply Department at 770.963.8227 for more information.

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