Direct Shipping

One of the many ways that Buck Jones works to make you successful is through our Direct Ship program. Direct shipment is the process of moving material (plant, sod or hard-line) directly from the grower or manufacturer to your shop or job site.

Our experienced account representatives will save you time, money and energy by locating the best plant for the best price. Your crews will spend more effective time on the job site rather than on the road and at our nursery picking up plants. And, because we do not have to put labor into unloading, maintaining and reloading the material, we are able to pass those savings on to you.

If you do not have a credit account with Buck Jones, please arrange payment prior to your delivery. We are unable to receive payment upon delivery, as we are most likely not shipping the material on our own truck. We accept cash, a company or personal check or credit card.

During the busy spring and fall planting seasons, please allow us at least two weeks to fill your order. Also, when receiving a direct shipment, we ask that you be flexible with regards to delivery date and time. We do our best to accommodate our customers’ agendas, but must work within the vendor’s delivery schedule.

After you have placed your order, an account representative will stay in contact with you with details of the delivery. You are responsible for meeting the delivery and providing the proper equipment and personnel to unload the material.

Not every order qualifies for the Direct Ship program. Materials must reach a minimum order as required by the individual vendor. Minimum orders vary from vendor to vendor, with an average minimum of $2000. Your account representative will be able to tell you whether or not your order qualifies to be direct-shipped.