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Super Plants for Spring!

Not everybody wants the same yard as their neighbor. Sometimes tweaking plans just a tiny bit can make a huge

We're excited to have some great new ideas for your landscape projects this season.

If you're thinking about using Green Giant Arborvitae or Cryptomeria…

A great substitute is the Dark Green American Arborvitae. It is a great replacement for any of the arborvitae,cryptomeria or Italian cypress. It grows 20-25' tall by 5-7' wide. It boasts dark green foliage that holds its color through the winter. Try this plant today!

Does the plan call for Otto Luyken Laurel?

Distylium is a wonderful alternative for Otto Luyken Laurels. The three hybrids are disease and insect resistant, as well as heat and drought tolerant. Three varieties to keep in mind are 'Vintage Jade' (2' x 5', dark green foliage), 'Blue Cascade' (3' x 4', blue-green leaves), and 'Emerald Heights' (5' x 5', dark green foliage).

Some new Distylium we are offering are 'Spring Frost' and 'Coppertone'. The 'Coppertone' variety is a wonderful, low-growing variety, with a mature size of 4' x 4'. The foliage has a copper-colored new growth, causing a rainbow-like appearance when flushing out. The 'Spring Frost' Distylium grows to 3' x 4' and has white-tinged new growth. It has red tassel blooms in early spring and makes quite the splash early in the year!

Small Plant Material

Some plant material this Spring may be on the small size. Our salespeople are prepared to offer subsitutes, such as Helleri or Dwarf Yaupon hollies for Carissa holly. The yard is stocked with all kinds of amazing plant material, ready for your Spring projects!

Spring Annuals

Our Spring Annuals will start arriving around April 13. We will have flats on the yard and available for direct ship. Ask a salesperson today!


Sod appears to be readily available this Spring. Please give as much advance notice as you can for sod orders and understand that as always, weather can cause growers to not cut and get backed up.



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