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A Few Of Our Favorite Branded Plants

You've seen branded plants all over the place. In magazines, on TV, in stores, and on our nursery yards. We're loving some of the older introductions that we're able to see in landscapes and we're very excited about some of the brand new introductions and what they will add to yards.

Here are a few of our tried and true favorites from the brands we carry. There are many more out there, but not all are readily available in the marketplace yet. Contact your sales associate for more information about new releases.

From Proven Winners, we are smitten with the Limelight Hydrangea. This sun-loving, paniculata hydrangea has bright chartreuse blooms that keep their color right into fall 
when they change to a pink. It grows to a mature size of 6-8’ tall by 7-8’ wide. For added fun, it’s available in tree-form as well. If you’re wanting a dwarf version, you’re in luck! Little Lime is a 3-5’ tall and wide reincarnation of Limelight. It’s perfect for tight spaces.

Little Henry Itea is a deer resistant, native plant that has a tight growth habit. Only getting around 3’ tall by 3’ wide, this Itea offers large, white flowers that attract  butterflies in the summer. Wet areas are fine for Little Henry. In fact, that’s where it does best. Once the white flowers have faded, the bright orange fall color will wow you.

Southern Living introduced their line of plants in 2008 to much acclaim. Having the name of a wildly popular magazine behind it, especially ones that people in the South take as gospel, this brand is probably one of the most well-known in the plant world.

Some of our most popular Southern Living plants are the loropetalums. Purple Diamond Loropetalum is great because of its compact growth habit (4-5’ tall and wide) and bright magenta flowers in the spring. Emerald Snow Loropetalum is a dense, 3-4’ tall and wide loropetalum with green leaves and white flowers. It’s not your “typical” loropetalum. And last, but not least, is the dwarf version, Purple Pixie. This is a weeping purple-leaf loropetalum that boasts a mature size of 1-2’ tall by 4-5’ wide. The bright magenta blooms and its weeping habit makes it perfect not only for groundcover situations, but also containers.

The Knock Out Family of Roses have been some of the biggest sellers in recent history. They boast a winter hardiness to Zone 5 and are heat tolerant across the country. Their flower season runs from Spring until the first hard frost, sending out a fresh set of blooms every 5-6 weeks. Available in Red, Double Red, Pink, Double Pink, and Sunny (yellow), there’s a Knock Out Rose to fit any landscape. They grow to a mature size of 3-5’ tall and wide on average.

Drift Roses are already selling big this year. They’re the perfect combination between full size groundcover roses and miniature roses. Drift Roses are disease resistant and winter hardy. Just like the Knock Out Roses, they bloom from Spring until the first hard frost with a fresh set of blooms every 5-6 weeks. All varieties will hit a mature height of 1-2’ tall by 2-3’ wide. Choices of color are: Coral, Peach, Pink, Popcorn (yellow), Red, and Sweet (pale pink).  

One of the best brands to hit the market has been the Encore series of azaleas. Full sun to filtered shade isn’t a normal place for azaleas, but Encore has allowed us to bring the amazing flowers out of the shade and into another part of your yard. With two bloom seasons (and sometimes peeking out a third time), these azaleas are show-offs all summer long.

There are 29 varieties to choose from in varying heights and colors, which means there’s an Encore azalea for all of your needs.

Gardener’s Confidence has given us amazing plants such as Emerald Heights Distylium, a wonderful choice to replace some laurels in your landscape. It’s an evergreen shrub that grows to a mature height of 5’ by 5’, tolerates full sun to partial shade, and holds its glossy green leaves all year.

Their Dazzle Series crape myrtles are super fierce little crape myrtles, boasting heights of only 3-5’. They’re available in Cherry Dazzle, Berry Dazzle, and a few other dazzling varieties!



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